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      MTU Onsite Energy

      Partnering with MTU Onsite Energy, Stewart & Stevenson offers diesel, natural gas, and alternative fuel generator sets that include digital engine and generator controls for superior performance and response time, proven reliability, reduced maintenance costs, and the latest in emissions technology.  With MTU Onsite Energy’s new gaseous-fueled power generation product, Stewart & Stevenson offers “green” energy.

      MTU Onsite Energy’s power generation sets offer 20kW to 3250kW of power and includes the world’s largest 1800 rpm diesel engine, the 20V4000.

      MTU Onsite Energy’s new gaseous-fueled power generation product line includes generators powered by gas-fueled Series 4000 and Series 400 MTU engines to serve both prime power and CHP (combined heat and power) applications.

      Applications for natural gas fueled prime power applications include electrical utilities, hospitals, government buildings, data centers, manufacturing facilities and warehouses, wind farms, and plant power.

      MTU Onsite Energy’s gaseous-fueled power generation product makes possible the utilization of biogas, which is captured, processed and used to fuel generators and thus provides a “green” alternative to “dirty” power sources. CHP projects, designed to take waste heat and utilize it for the simultaneous generation of electricity and useful heat (to heat buildings, boilers, ovens, etc.), and CCHP applications (combined cooling, heat and power), which generate useful cooling through the use of an absorption cooler to provide refrigeration and cooling, are more efficient uses of natural gas, with fewer emissions and less water utilization that results in “green” energy.

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