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      Allison Transmission

      Stewart & Stevenson has been a partner with Allison Transmission, the world leader in the design, manufacture and sales of commercial-duty automatic transmissions and hybrid propulsion systems, since 1962. We sell and service the full range of new Allison transmissions and provide genuine Allison parts for on-highway trucks, transit and charter buses, and off-highway construction, industrial, and petroleum oilfield equipment. We utilize the Allison transmission in products we manufacture for the oil and gas industry.

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      Volvo Penta

      Stewart & Stevenson partners with Volvo Penta to provide marine power generation, marine gasoline engines and marine diesel engine models D1–D6 and D8­–D16. Included are leisure propulsion systems from 12 to 1000 hp; commercial conventional propulsion from 175 to 750 hp; commercial and leisure IPS systems from 260 to 1,350 hp; commercial marine auxiliary systems from 300 to 750 hp; and commercial marine gensets from 136 to 478 kWe.

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      A partner with Detroit since 1938, Stewart & Stevenson serves the on- and off-highway transportation industry with Detroit engines, including Detroit Series 50, Series 60, MBE 900, MBE 4000, DD13, DD15 and DD16. We support owners and operators of on-highway equipment that utilizes the above engines: emergency vehicles, school buses, fleet- and owner-operated trucks, motor coaches, refuse trucks, motor cranes, and Daimler Trucks of North America, which has 30% of the North American On Highway population. We supply parts and service support for all Detroit Diesel two-cycle equipment across all markets. 

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      Stewart & Stevenson has partnered with DEUTZ since 1976, and is the largest DEUTZ distributor in North America. We sell DEUTZ diesel and gas engines in a comprehensive power range from 50 to 670 hp and manufacture a full line of DEUTZ engine driven power units and generator packages to support our petroleum, irrigation, marine, industrial, construction, and power generation markets. DEUTZ parts and service is available from Stewart & Stevenson service centers located in our distribution area.

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      Partnering with MTU, one of the world’s largest engine distributors, Stewart & Stevenson provides MTU Series 60, 1600, 2000, and 4000 engines, which are utilized in our off-road core markets: Oil & Gas, Marine, Power Generation, Construction & Industrial and Military & Government. MTU power generation for offshore drilling provides 661 to 2661 kWe prime power (932 to 3755 bhp). Rugged onshore power generation units offer 685 to 2425 bhp (420 to 1633 kW). MTU technology, combined with Stewart & Stevenson superior customer service and engineering, has made our partnership a leader in the industry.

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      MTU Onsite Energy

      Stewart & Stevenson provides MTU Onsite Energy to commercial and industrial markets. We offer 50 Hz and 60 Hz diesel and gas engine systems, and Series 2000, 4000 and 1600 next generation power for prime and standby operation.

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      Additional Partners

      We are aligned with many world-class partners within the global market place. For additional information on the products and services we offer through our numerous partners, visit the equipment, parts, service and rental sections of our website.