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      Tier 1 Emergency Response

      Emergency Rental

      The winds and rains of hurricanes, tornadoes and other acts of severe weather leave devastation in their wake: flooding, power outages, fallen trees and worse — Stewart & Stevenson has the equipment and service support that will enable you to be prepared for whatever the season brings.

      Our Power Rental Fleet is one of the largest in the Southwest

      • Emergency generators (15-2000 kW) sized to solve any power outage
      • Diesel air compressors from 185 cfm to 1600 cfm and 50 psig to 500 psig
      • Rental Delivery and Pickup, Whenever, Wherever Needed!

      Let us prepare the equipment you already own for the hurricane season

      • Parts for all brands
      • Service by dedicated equipment mechanics
      • Fleet of service trucks

      Realizing that emergency equipment for disasters should always be available at a moment’s notice, Stewart & Stevenson created a Mobile Command Center that enables the Rental Group to set up shop in the center of a disaster or emergency to provide direct rental sales and service onsite.

      A mobile home equipped to support five people with work spaces, computer stations and living quarters, the Mobile Command Center is based in Dallas and can be moved at a moment’s notice to provide rental equipment resources that aid in recovery from natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, torrential floods or ice storms. Located in the center of the aftermath of a disaster, Stewart & Stevenson is better able to provide the rental power generation, air compressor and forklift equipment needed to enable cities, businesses and industry get back in operation as quickly as possible.

      A dedicated force of rental mechanics is available around the clock to maintain rental equipment.